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White Dog PMT 72007 for P-61B Black Widow




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Dry Transfer sheet


The only Allied purpose built night fighter to see service during WWII was the P-61 Black Widow. Like the equally successful He-219, it was a twin engined aircraft with heavy firepower and the most modern airborne radar available. Unlike the German aircraft, the P-61 was built in relatively large numbers for such a specialized aircraft. Somewhat like the He-219, the end of the war meant the end of the aircraft in service as they were quickly removed from service following the end of the war. Turbojet power spelled the death knell to prop driven night fighters.

White Dog's sheet is for SWPA P-61s.  These aircraft had a somewhat successful career, though by the time they reached the Pacific, there was little in the way of enemy aircraft around. 

The sheet basically includes the nose art, serial numbers and part of the tail markings. The other marking on the tail is a white outlined red stripe that runs diagonally on the fin. If you have the Monogram 1/48 P-61, you have seen this unit's scheme. The recommended kit in 1/72 is the Dragon P-61 as it includes parts for both the A and B version. This particular aircraft, 'Black Panther' had the upper turret fitted and carried drop tanks. Later, when the mission changed to night intruder, the turret was removed and faired over. The gunner was not carried when the turret was removed. This made the aircraft lighter and improved performance.

Like the other PMT series of decals, they can be applied either as a waterslide decal or a dry transfer. Those of you who have used dry transfers know that they are superior to waterslide, but a bit more difficult to work with. For one thing, when they are in position, that is it. However, they don't have to be trimmed and silvering is almost completely eliminated. 

 This particular sheet is a very limited run of only 50 items. Don has just a handful of them left so you need to contact him soon if you want one.

These sheets are only available by mail from White Dog. You can contact them at:

Don Fenton
11629 James Grant Dr.
El Paso, TX  79936

You can e-mail Don at for more information.

Review copy courtesy of White Dog Decals. Thanks for your support. 

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