Pyn-up Decals 48-014: Black Widow Babes pt1

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Scott Van Aken

Now for a nice sheet for the P-61 Black Widow. There are two aircraft on this sheet, one in black and the other in OD. Currently (2004), there is only the Monogram kit to use, however, it is still a nice kit and can be built into a real beauty. There is hope that AMtech will be bringing out their kit and by all accounts, it should be a superb offering.

The first plane is 'Cooper's Snooper' from the 421 NFS. This aircraft is still in a rather pristine gloss black.

The other is in the earlier OD over Neutral Grey and is with the 548 NFS, This aircraft is 'Nocturnal Nemesis/Skippy' and sports a black radome. Unlike the cover drawing, this aircraft really has a red serial number.

A couple of cool markings for what is a cool aircraft. As with other Pyn-up sheets, you have two sets of nose art in case a second is needed.

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