Aeromaster 48-621: PZL: Early Warriors

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Scott Van Aken

Though there have been several sheet in Europe that cover the Mirage PZL P.11, this is the first one I've seen from a US manufacturer. There are six aircraft on the sheet, most of them in Polish Khaki over light blue.

First up is SubLt Wladyslaw Gnys' Esk 121 plane. This one shot down the first Axis aircraft of WWII, a Do-17E of 7./KG 77 on the opening day of the war.

Next is the first Allied victim, Capt. Mieczyslaw , who was shot down by a Ju087B.

From Esk 161 comes this aircraft has a white lightning bolt design on the upper wing.

In prewar markings (note the large unit badge) is this Esk 111 aircraft. The paint on this plane was highly polished.

White 319 is a plane that escaped to Romania and has had lower fusealge/struts repainted in RLM 65. It has the old Romanian cross markings.

Finally, a Romaian built P.11f, which will require a different cowling and engine from the P.11c. This one is in Tan/RLM 71 over RLM 65 and carries the circular roundels and yellow wing/fuselage stripes.

All in all, a great selection of markings.

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