Cutting Edge 44-005: Pegasus and L-1011 Launch Vehicle




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Scott Van Aken


The Pegasus Space Vehicle is an air launched rocket whose purpose is to provide a low-cost method for putting small satellites into a low earth orbit. The rocket is taken to around 40,000 feet by an L.1011 mother plane and from there launched on its way. It is a multi-staged vehicle so eventually only the nose section actually enters orbit. It was developed by Hercules Corp and tested by NASA on six launches using their NB-52B.

These decals are an addition to Cutting Edge's series devoted to things NASA and space. This time they have done markings for the Pegasus (which CE makes in resin) and its L.1011 launch vehicle. The Pegasus has three different variants on its markings and there are four different marking variants for the L.1011.

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