Cutting Edge 48-248: Airacomet pt 1




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Scott Van Aken


Though it seems like a year since the Hobbycraft P-59 kits were released, there hasn't been much in the way of aftermarket decals for this plane. Cutting Edge has two sheets for you to choose from so not having some interesting markings isn't much of an excuse any more! This sheet has mostly later P-59s, but does include a couple of XP-59s to pick from.

First up is an overall orange P-59B 'Reluctant Robot', used as a drone in 1946

Next is an overall bare metal XP-59A outfitted as a drone controller with an open cockpit in the nose. It has been retrofitted with the clipped wings and tail.

An original XP-59 in its first flight scheme is next.

This is followed by the first drone controller mod called 'Superman'.

#88 is a bare metal P-59B from an unknown unit, while #688 is from the 412 FG.

Finally a YP-59A with the clipped wings and tail unit. This one never had the wing insignia repainted on so makes for a bit of an unusual set of markings.

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