Superscale 48-042: P-61 Black Widow

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$ Currently OOP. Sheet printed in  70's


Scott Van Aken


Considering that the P-61 really didn't shoot down that many aircraft during its year and a half of operational service, it sure did garner a lot of attention in the media during its time. It is also a real favorite amongst modelers as I dare say that most everyone has at least one of these kits in their stash. Monogram's 1/48 P-61 has really never been unavailable since it was initially produced in the 1970s. Until the AMtech kit is produced, it is the only one available in 1/48.

This sheet covers sevendifferent aircraft. As with all early Superscale sheets, this one has no insignia, that coming from another sheet or the kit. Wing walk decals are provided for one aircraft. So here is what is on the sheet.

First is 'Midnight Mickey' from the 6 NFS. This P-61A is in OD over Neutral Grey.

Next is 'Anonymous III', a gloss black P-61B from the 548th NFS.

Also with the 548th NFS is this gloss black P-61B, 'Lady in the Dark'

'Skippy' is an OD/Neutral Grey P-61A from the 421st NFS.

The next P-61A is 'Jukin Judy' with the 422nd NFS in overall gloss black.

Finally, there is 'Moonhappy', an OD/Neutral grey 6 NFS P-61A.

Not shown is 'Tenessee Ridge Runner' a gloss black P-61B from the 422 NFS with invasion stripes on the tail booms.

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