Balkan Models BM-7208: Balkan Hueys

Fireball Modelworks UH-1 Slick in Vietnam

Superscale 72-123: USAF and Army H-1 Helicopters

Superscale 72-372 for UH-1 Hueys. 

Superscale 72-384 for the AH-1 Cobra and Sea Cobra

Wernerswings 7201: AH-1F, last of the Army Cobras

Caracal Models CD 48116: AH-1W Whiskey Cobra

MAW Decals 48-MAW-005: Leatherneck Featherweights

MAW Decals 35-MAW001: November Hueys

Wernerswings 4801: AH-1F, last of the Army Cobras

Werner's Wings Decals 48-14: Ride of the Valkyries

Werner's Wings Decals 48-15: UH-1D/H Stencils

Superscale 72-396 for the SH-2F Sea Sprite

Caracal Models CD 48053: USN SH-2F Sea Sprite

Starfighter Decals 48-100 H-2 Seasprite

Starfighter Decals 144-131:SH-3H Sea Kings

Old 66 Decals/Starfighter Decals AD7201B: Old 66

Old 66 Decals/Starfighter Decals AD7202: Old 66

Print Scale 72056: Westland Sea King

Starfighter Decals AD 7203: The Sea Kings of Project Apollo

Superscale 72-390 for SH-3 Sea Kings

Superscale 72-414 for SH-3D/G Sea Kings

Superscale 72-415 for the SH-3 Sea King

Cutting Edge 48-008 on the SH-3 Sea King

Old 66 Decals/Starfighter Decals AD4801B: Old 66

Old 66 Decals/Starfighter Decals AD4802: Old 66

Aztec Decals 48-010 for the OH-6/MD500

AOA Decals 35-001: OH-6A Cayuse in the Vietnam War

Caracal Models CD 48127: H-19 part 1

Caracal Models CD 48131: H-19 part 2

Leading Edge 72-072 for H-21 and H-34 Rescue helicopters.

Caracal Models CD 48121: Piaseki H-21

Caracal Models CD 48031: H-34 USN/USAF

Caracal Models CD 48039: UH-34D - Marines.

Print Scale 72153:  CH-46 Sea Knight

AOA Decals 48-016: HMM-264 (REIN) Black Knights H-46/53

MAW Decals 48-MAW-019: Battle Phrogs 100 (CH-46)

MAW Decals 48-MAW-020: CH-46 Field Green/Land scheme stencil sheet.

Caracal Models CD 48148: CH-47 Chinook

Natural Born Modelers JD36: JASDF MH-53E

Superscale 72-444: H-53 Super Stallion

MAW Decals 1/48 CH-53E Walkways

MAW Decals 48MAW-010: Heavy Haulers

MAW Decals 48-MAW011: HMM-261 Heavy Haulers

Fireball Modelworks FMD 20-35: OH-58D Kiowa

Hobby Collective 1/72 UH-60J

Authentic Decals 48-21: Sikorsky HH-60H Rescue Hawk; Pacific

Aztec Decals 48-009 for the H-60 Blackhawk

Fightertown Decals 48-029 SH-60F

 Mike Grant Decals 48047: SH-60 SeaHawks

Werner's Wings 144-01: Pavehawks Combat Rescue

Werner's Wings 7202: Blackhawks; workhorse of the Army

Werner's Wings 72-05: Pavehawks Combat Rescue

Werner's Wings 4803: Blackhawks; workhorse of the Army

Werner's Wings 4804: Blackhawks Stencils

Isradecal #24 for 1/35 H-60 Blackhawks

Werner's Wings 3501: Blackhawks; workhorse of the Army

Werner's Wings 3502: Blackhawks Stencils

Werner's Wings 3507: Pavehawks Combat Rescue

Werner's Wings 3508: Pavehawk Stencils

Caracal Models CD 48170:  AH-64D/E Apache

Isradecals #53: AH-64D Saraf/Apache

Caracal Models CD 32018: HH/MH-65 Dolphin

Model Alliance MA729019: CH-124 Sea King

Model Alliance MAS-729005: CH-146 Griffon



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