Werner's Wings Decals 48-15: UH-1D/H Stencils

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Scott Van Aken

To go along with their first (of many, I hope) sheets on the UH-1D/H, Werner's Wings has released a sheet of stencils, for those who want to build multiple options from their first sheet and don't want to resort to kit markings to do it.

This sheet includes all the various maintenance stencils in both black and in yellow. There are also a wide range of geometric markings for the tailplanes in a variety of colors.

A very good selection of serial numbers in at least two fonts and three colors are also included along with turbine warning stripes and United States Army logos for the boom.

But wait...there's more! Despite all the great input for the kit markings, the folks in China did not include everything needed for the kit markings options. So WW has provided these missing markings in this sheet for those who wish to use one or more of the kit markings options.

Like their first sheet on the Huey, these will fit any of the 1/48 UH-1D/H kits out there and are bound to be used over and over again by dedicated rotorheads.

September 2017

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