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Scott Van Aken



This particular sheet was purchased because I wanted something a bit different for the Fujimi Sea King kit that I recently previewed. That kit offered German and Belgian decals, but I know that the Sea King was operated by a number of different nations. This particular sheet provides markings for four different aircraft, three of which can be built directly from the bits in the kit. The fourth needs a different shape upper fuselage radome.

The first option is the flashiest and depicts a Mk.50A with a nice overall white scheme for the 75th Anniversary of the Royal Australian Navy in 1986. Though all the blue striping is included, I've my doubts that one will be very successful in getting it to conform to the nose contours without some judicious cutting and trimming.

Next is an overall blue-grey Mk.45 of the Pakistan Navy in 2000.

The third option is one that needs the flatter top radome. This is a Mk.42B of the Indian Navy. This one is in overall Medium Sea Grey.

Finally an RAF 202 Squadron HAR.2. This one is in overall yellow and like the first option, has the six blade tail rotor. Note that all of these will need to have the exhaust stain area painted as well as any anti-glare areas on the nose. The areas for the floatation bags are generall a medium grey color.

The sheet provides full stencils for one aircraft so if you want to build more than one you'll need to get those from the kit. A full stencil placement guide is included. This sheet offers something a bit different if you are building either the Fujimi, Airfix or Cyber-Hobby Sea Kings.

May 2021

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