Starfighter Decals 144-134: F-8C Crusader MiG Killers

Starfighter Decals 144-135: USMC Crusaders

Starfighter Decals 144-136: Shangri-La Crusaders


Furball Decals FD 72-002: MiG Masters

Hasegawa 72-20: F-8E Crusader

Superscale 72-085: F-8 Crusaders

Microscale sheet 72-086 for USMC F-8 Crusaders

Microscale 72-204 for USMC F-8 Crusaders

Superscale 72-205: F-8 Crusader

Microscale 72-246 for USN F-8 Crusaders

Microscale's 72-318 for a CAG-5 F-8E

Superscale 72-832 for the F-8E Crusader

Superscale 72-833 for the F-8E Crusader


Aeromaster 48-403: Colorful Crusaders pt I

Aeromaster 48-404: Colorful Crusaders pt II

Aeromaster 48-445: Colorful Crusaders pt III

Aeromaster 48-450: Colorful Crusaders pt IV

Aeromaster 48-563 Colorful Crusaders pt V

Aeromaster 48-564: Colorful Crusaders pt VI

Aeromaster 48-568 Colorful Crusaders pt VII

Aeromaster 48-709 for F-8 Crusaders

Aeromaster 48-710: F-8 Crusader

 Aeromaster 48-751: Colorful Crusaders pt VIII

Aeromaster 48-752; Colorful Crusaders pt IX

Fox One 48-025: USMC F-8 Cruasder

Furball Decals FD 48007: MiG Masters, F-8 in Vietnam

Furball Aero-Design 48-009: F-8 Canopy Framing

Furball Decals FD 48044: F-8E Stencil and Data

Superscale 48-168 for an A-1 and F-8

Microscale 48-282 for USMC F-8E Crusaders

Superscale 48-774 for the F-8 Crusader

Superscale 48-775 for the F-8 Crusader

Superscale 48-865 for a VF-53 F-8E Crusader

Superscale 48-866 for the F-8E Crusader.

Superscale 48-918 for the F-8J Crusader

Superscale 48-919 for the F-8E Crusader

Superscale 48-933 for a VFP-63 F-8J Crusader


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