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 Superscale 48-382 for F-89D Scorpion




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Scott Van Aken









This is another one of Microscale's great sheets that includes multiple types of aircraft on one sheet. This is from CAG 5.

Common markings and stencils are included for both aircraft, though since this is an early sheet, the stencils are pretty well illegible.

You get an F-8 From VF-51 on the USS Hancock. This and the other subject are both in gull grey and white. The recommended kit is the Hasegawa one, though the decals should also fit the ESCI or Heller kits.

The A-4 is from VA-22 aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard. It is the CAG bird so has all the CAG colors in the tail stripes. The ESCI kit is recommend, though the decals should fit the Fujimi kit with no trouble.

If you like Vietnam era USN, then this would make a good sheet for you.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet! 

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