Starfighter Decals 144-134: F-8C Crusader MiG Killers


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Scott Van Aken


For the Platz kit.

Here is a fine set for a kit I've not yet seen but apparently generated a lot of sales as it is pretty well impossible to find. Guess I should pay more attention or something. Anyway, it is for the Platz F-8 Crusader, kit PD-7, which is bound to be a superb kit. This one has markings for three planes and you can do two of them with what is on the sheet. All common markings and insignia will have to come from the kit.

The first is a VF-111 'Sundowners' aircraft the USS Intrepid during 1968. Both planes are in the light gull grey and white scheme with the grey being matte.

The other two options are from VF-24 during their 1967 USS Oriskany cruise (at least I think that is the ship to which it was assigned), you can do one of two aircraft from this unit. You'll notice that the bare metal parts of the airframe are reproduced on the decal sheet.

The ALPS printed decals are very nicely done and for those who have used these before, not a problem. New users should be advised that these are somewhat fragile in terms of scratching if over-handled and need to be cut out individually from the solid backing.

Thanks to for the review sample.

January 2010

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