Aeromaster sheet 48-404  
1/48 F-8 Crusaders


Once again, Aeromaster has given us a superb sheet, this time for the F-8 Crusader.  This, of course for the Monogram Kit.

In addition to a sheet and a half of decals, one gets a resin tail tip with the ECM antenna if doing the later versions.  A nice touch that is applicable to two of the aircraft on this sheet.  Another nice touch by Aeromaster is the inclusion of enough insignia and other common markings to do two of the three subjects.  

Undoubtedly due to inputs from consumers who like to be able to do more than one scheme on the sheet as in earlier sheets.

The resin tail is another nice touch and undoubtedly accounts for the $2.00 plus increase over 'standard' kits.

Well, what is on this sheet?  Three Navy Crusaders.

The first one is an F-8J CAG bird from VF-53 in the mid 60's. This one is sans ECM antenna.

Next is oneis an F-8E  from VF-194. Another CAG bird, though not quite as colorful as the VF-53 offering

Finally, a nice  F-8J from VF-301. All its markings are in maroon, but this didn't translate too well on my scanner.  Really a nice bird.  If I had enought Crusaders, I would be tempted to do all three.

I find it curious that some of the markings were printed upside down on the sheet and hope this was due to space limitations and won't affect how it looks on the aircraft.  

All in all, a very nice offering from Aeromaster.