Bestfong 72003: 1/72 RoCAF RF-5E

Bestfong 72069: 1/72 Yemeni F-5E

Caracal Models CD 72007: F-5A

Croco's 1/72 South Vietnamese F-5A

FCM 72046: F-5B/E/F

Furball Decals FD72-005: Top Gun Tigers & Talons

Isradecal #84: Middle East F-5 Tiger II

Leading Edge # 49 for the CF-5A (CF-116) Freedom Fighter

Leading Edge 72/48.50: CF-5D (Silver Scheme)

Leading Edge Decals 72.85 CF-5 Canada Wraparound Camouflage

Superscale 72-135 for the F-5/T-38

Superscale 72-367: F-5E Tiger II

Authentic Decals 48-33: F-5N/F VFC-111 Sundowners

Caracal Models CD 48015: F-5A

Leading Edge Decals 48.85 CF-5 Canada Wraparound Camouflage

FCM 48-21 for the F-5A/E

FCM 48-033: Brazilian AF F-5B/E/F

FCM 48049: Northrop F-5B/E/F Tiger II

Furball Decals FD 48051: F-5E/F Canopy Frame Decals

Furball Decals FD48-056: Top Gun Tigers & Talons

Furball Decals FD48-065: Bandit Sundowners F-5N/F

Superscale 48-1198: F-5E/N Tiger II

Tandecal 48002 Northrop F-5A.

FCM 32-04 for the F-5E Tiger II

FCM 32-05: F-5E Tiger II

FCM 32019: F-5E Tiger II

Furball Decals FD32-002: Top Gun Tigers

Matterhorn Circle Decals MC32018: F-5 E/F Tiger II

Superscale sheet 32-053; Top Gun F-5's

Superscale 32-054: Top Gun Aggressors #2

Twobobs 32-006 for VFC-13 F-5E Tigers

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