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Scott Van Aken

This sheet from Caracal Models covers the F-5A "Freedom Fighter". The F-5 was one of Northrop's most successful aircraft, in part because the USAF showed how useful the aircraft was in combat. Few if any aircraft will attract sales if it is not used by its national air force, as Northrop found out when marketing the superb F-20 "TigerShark".

The sheet covers seven different aircraft from four different nations, exactly the same as with the 1/72 offering. Those looking for kits will probably choose the Classic Airframes kit if you can find it and do not mind doing extra work to get it to specs, but it is a better option than the old Testors/Hawk version. Good news is that Kinetic has an F-5A on the way so you may want to wait for that one.

Starting with the Greek aircraft, it is from 348 Mira in the 1980s. It is typical of the type in Greek service and was painted in "Aegean Blue" (Intermediate Blue) over aluminum. Apparently these aircraft rarely carried tip tanks.

Next are three Spanish airframes. The first is from Esc 211 in the delivery scheme of overall silver lacquer. Next is the first of two in the camouflage scheme and is from Ala 21 during the 1980s. Moving to the 2000s is one from Ala 23

Two Turkish aircraft are next with the first in SEA camouflage during the 1988 when attached to 152 Filo. The other is from 2003 with 133 Filo in FS 36118 and 36375. These latter airframes have been modified with new avionics and new seats.

Finally, a USAF aircraft as in the "Skoshi Tiger" program during Vietnam in 1967 when attached to the 10th FCS. It is, of course, painted in the standard SEA scheme.

The sheet contains stencils in case you wish to replace those in the kit. The sheet itself is superbly printed by Cartograf so you know the quality is the best.

It is nice to see aftermarket for aircraft like this and I'd encourage folks to buy this so they can do more. You can get this sheet direct from

June 2012

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