Isradecal #84: Middle East F-5 Tiger II
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Scott Van Aken

Note: Sheet is 1/48 Scale for Monogram & AFV Club kits.

An aircraft that is not only a favorite of modelers, but was also sold in significant numbers world wide was the Northrop F-5. The last version to be built was the F-5E/F Tiger II and while most of those have been removed from service, a goodly number are still plying the skies.

This latest sheet from Isradecal concentrates on those from what we now call the Middle East. many of these planes were bankrolled by Saudi Arabia or provided from Saudi stocks. The sheet has a variety of different schemes on it, though most of them are either an overall light grey or a desert scheme of tan, brown and dark green. There are aircraft from seven nations and you can do at least one from every nation on the sheet. Isradecal also provided numbers separately so that if you can find a photo, you can probably do a model of that aircraft.

Starting with Jordan, one can do either an unpainted metal or a desert camo aircraft. Actually, I'm thinking that the natural metal is actually aluminum lacquer as I've seen photos of Jordanian aircraft in this painted silver scheme.

The Sudanese AF version is overall FS 36375.

Tunisia (which isn't really Middle East, but included anyway), has theirs in a brown, green and grey scheme.

The aircraft for Bahrain is in overall FS 36375 and both the current and older syle markings are provided.

For the Saudis, there are two schemes. One is a standard desert scheme, while one RF-5E is in black with smaller insignia.

Morocco has their plane in the standard desert scheme.

Finally Iran has their planes in the standard desert scheme. Some planes have a larger wing insignia and those are included on the sheet.

The sheet comes with a four page, full color painting and placement guide. The decals themselves are superbly printed in the Czech Republic and completely devoid of printing errors.

You now have world class decals and world class references; what more could you ask?

May 2010

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