Superscale 32-54: Top Gun Aggressors #2

Units: NFWS, VF-126 and VA-127


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Scott Van Aken

Another from the distant pass is this sheet on A-4 and F-5 aggressor aircraft from USN units. Back then as now, the only kits available for these markings come from Hasgawa. Though of the older style with raised detail, they are still excellent kits and so shouldn't be overlooked just because they are older.

The TA-4J is from VF-126 in light grey and a dark blue.

Then the F-5E from NFWS (Top Gun) in a green and grey camouflage

Finally an A-4F from VA-127 in a green, tan and dark brown scheme.

The instructions are very difficult to see in terms of where the markings go and I have to assume these are wrap around markings as no specific underside colors are provided. How the underside looks is anyone's guess as there are also no diagrams to help in that area.

January 2007

Review copy courtesy of my decal collection.

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