Sheet #

 Superscale 32-53 for Aggressor Aircraft




F-5E from Top Gun
F-5F from VF-126
TA-4J from VA-127

Review By:

Scott Van Aken



Superscale sheet 32-53 is for a variety of aircraft including the F-5E, F-5F, and TA-4J. They are all pretty interesting schemes, but all basically blue/grey. If I recall correctly, most of these schemes were in place around the 1985 time frame.

While the decal placement guide is pretty good, you really need more comprehensive underside paint info, especially on the TA-4J, where all you get is a left side view. From the placement guide, one gets the impression that the Top Gun F-5E had no national insignia. Frankly, this cannot be correct. The aircraft would have them in the same location as the F-5F.

There are enough national insignia to do all three versions as depicted in the placement guide, but you will have to find another set for the F-5E. Kits of the F-5E and TA-4J in 1/32 are available from Hasegawa, or you can find an earlier Minicraft boxing of the kit, the plastic is the same. To do an F-5F you will have to do some kit bashing with two F-5Es to get the lengthened fuselage, as I know of no conversion set available for this kit in this scale.