Leading Edge 48-49: CAF CF-5A

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Scott Van Aken

Note: Also available in 1/72 scale

Sparked no doubt by the release of the Classic Airframes 1/48 F-5A kits, Leading Edge has produced a super set of decals for this kit (or the old Hawk kit, if you insist). There are markings for the CF-5A when it was in the Green/Grey wraparound camouflage. While no FS 595 reference is given, I can assume that matching the colors will not be a problem for most.

There are three aircraft that you can build straight from the sheet.

First is 166736 from 433 Squadron. This one uses the red flag on the fin and the unit badge on the intake

Next is 116705 from no particular unit with all black graphics, flag on fin and roundels.

The other is 166715 from 419 Sq with the black fin flag and black outline unit insignia on the fin. It also has a black radome.

There are also markings for 419 Sq in color and for 434 Sq. A selection of alternate serial numbers is provided which will allow you to model any of the fleet that was so painted. Those who want to use the RF-5A kits may do so as the RF nose was easily interchangeable with the regular 'pointy' nose. An aerial refueling probe is supplied in the 1/48 sheet as it was regularly carried. Those modeling in 1/72 do not need it as it is provided in the excellent ESCI kit that has been reboxed by AMT and Italeri.

As usual, Leading Edge's outstanding instruction sheet provides unambiguous data placement so that you can have the most accurate CF-5A (OK, CF-116A) around.

Review sheet courtesy Leading Edge Decals. Thanks for your support. If you cannot find these at your local hobby shop, contact them direct at the link above.

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