Matterhorn Circle Decals MC32018: F-5 E/F Tiger II


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Jean-Paul Poisseroux


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Robert Schneider from MC-ONE up date his catalog decals on the ę Swissair-land Ľ.this time itís for the lightest Northrop F-5/F Freedom Fighter Tiger II. These aircrafts were a backborne in the 60ís years and some aircrafts are used as agressors, electronic warefare, and the aerobatic Swiss Patrol. As usual the notices are clears, no problems to understand and choice the markings. Youíll find the Staffel 1,2,8,11,19.some specials drawings are included, the first F5-E and the last F-5F carried one or two tigerís face. Very colorfull, the J-3001 where used for test air to air, orange parts and b/w targets change the 2 grey-tone.Sharp and precision are first rate. The decals a very well printed by Fantasy Printshop,thin and good colors. Serials and maintenance stencils are complete. The 1/32 kits from Revell,Hasagawa, Kitty hawk could be used for the Single seater and Kitty hawk for the 2 seaters aircrafts.

This sheet is recommended for the Swiss jets modelerís fan.

Jean-Paul Poisseroux

July 2020


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