Superscale 72-367: F-5E Tiger II

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Long out of production


Scott Van Aken

Another from the distant past is this one on the F-5E Tiger II. Typical of these old Microscale sheets, rarely was there a recommended kit. I'm not sure if the Italeri version was out at that time, but there was one by Airfix that was passable. I believe that even now, those are the ones to use and the somewhat more recent Trumpeter F-5E is not an easy kit for many to find.

There are four options on this sheet, all with enough insignia and common data for each plane. One even gets front and rear seat instrument panels, though none of these are F-5Fs.

From the right, first up is the prototype. It is in aluminum lacquer with a white tail.

Next is one of those from the Republic of China. This one is in the standard SEA scheme of the time.

The first of two Korean planes is also in the SEA scheme.

Finally a Korean plane in the F-15 Compass Ghost scheme.

A nice older sheet and worth the effort of finding if the F-5 is one of your favorite aircraft.

October 2006

Review copy courtesy of my wallet and a lot of digging about.

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