JPS 1/32 Japanese Carrier Deck







Scott Van Aken


Solid resin base.

After what seems like years (and it has been), here is the latest from Just Plane Stuff. This time, they have put their efforts into a 1/32 Japanese carrier flight deck. This is perfect for those of you with those big Zero kits and no way to properly display them. This large 16" x 13" slab of resin is superbly molded with tie-downs and a section of deck connector molded in place. It is also placed at a bit of an angle to add that little touch of drama to things. As you can see by the close-up, the molding is superb.

Also included is a most comprehensive instruction booklet that not only provides a historical section and color information, but also has diagrams of the way the decks were painted during various periods of time. All you have to do is pick which one and match the aircraft's tail codes to the deck you have chosen.

Now I know that you are going to want one so I suggest you start hounding your local hobby shop to get them in for you. You can also visit them at their web site to see what other goodies you just can't do without!

Many thanks to the fine folks at Just Plane Stuff for providing the review item. These are available from better hobby shops/on-line stores. Please visit them on the net.

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January 2007

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