Just Plane Stuff 1/48 USS Hornet  Flight deck


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Scott Van Aken



Just Plane Stuff has a reputation for producing some of the finest resin bases available. Critics have complained that they are not perfectly flat on the bottom, but frankly, most of us will be putting frames around these so that really is a non-issue. Since they are very large and relatively thing you do have to take care not to use hot water to clean off any mold release or you may have some deformation of the base.

Allow me to quote from the instruction sheet. " This base was designed with the Accurate Miniatures B-25B in mind, but it is fairly typical of any early WWII USN fleet carrier. It is patterned after photos taken in April of 1942 on the way to Tokyo. Most of the boards on the Hornet run from port to starboard. The short boards running bow to stern are for a windbreak that could be erected as needed. The plane should be parked nose toward the edge closest to the windbreak. The wide flat sections are metal expansion joints." The sheet then goes on with info on the colors used as well as the spacing for the various lines on the deck and other painting and marking information. 

The molding on this large (16x13 inch) base is just as good as that on the other products that are made by JPS. As you see from the extreme closeup of the base, it is beautifully molded. The base is now shipping to several distributors including MMD so should be available at your local hobby shop or favorite on-line store very soon. 

Review copy courtesy of Just Plane Stuff .

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