Cutting Edge P-36 Cyclone conversion set






Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B/C


Scott Van Aken

Since the Cyclone powered Hawk 75A saw a lot of service as well, it is only normal that we'd find Cutting Edge doing one of those as well. Again, it is for the Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B/C and changes everything forward of the cockpit as well as some other portions of the aircraft. This set is nearly identical to set CEC32148, however, there are differences and those are shown with this review.  Those different items are the engine, this one using a 9 cylinder, single row radial as opposed to the Wasp which was a 14 cylinder 2-row radial. The other differences are in the engine cowling and the section that attaches to the firewall as well as the exhaust (which isn't shown). The engine is plastic and from William Brothers, which explains the unnecessary two bladed prop!

If you are looking for decals, then the Cyclone-powered plane can be found on sets CED 32063 and CED 32064. As with all Cutting Edge sets, the instructions are superb with lots of photos and a clearly defined written guide to help make this conversion a pleasurable experience. In all, an incredibly detailed conversion set.

April 2005

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