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Scott Van Aken



Moving now to the export version of the P-36, the Hawk 75. Once again, as of this writing, there is no dedicated kit in 1/32 for the P-36/Hawk 75. However, Cutting Edge offers an excellent conversion set to be used with the Trumpeter P-40B/C. Since this set is more concerned with the Cyclone powered plane, then the Cyclone engined conversion set is the one you'll be wanting.

There are six aircraft on this sheet, so finding something that attracts your attention should not be difficult.

First up is an aircraft from Little Norway in Canada. With Norway overrun by the Germans, aircraft purchased for delivery were sent to this training base at Ontario Island, Canada. This plane is in a green primer that is a bit darker the FS 34259. The control surfaces are in aluminum dope. This aircraft has a large DF 'Football' antenna.

The other aircraft is in overall unpainted metal and actually made it to Norway, only to be captured by the Germans. Cutting Edge has included painting masks to help you with painting on the wing bands.

Finland also used the Hawk 75, most of them coming from captured French stocks and sold to them by the Germans. The first one is from 3/LeLv 32 in March 1944 after it had been repainted in standard Finnish AF colors. This A-8 variant has the Pratt & Whitney engine.

The second Finnish version is in RLM 71 over RLM 65 and is Cyclone powered like all the rest of the aircraft on this sheet. It is from 1941 and was with 1/LeLv 12.

Next is a Dutch Hawk 75 that was sent to the Netherlands East Indies after the Netherlands fell in early 1940. Painted in dark earth and dark green with unpainted metal undersides. There are masks for the large orange triangles provided so you can paint on the insignia.

Finally a RAF Mohawk IV from 155 squadron in India during late 1943. I find it interesting that this aircraft has yellow wing tips and cowling undersides. Most unusual, but used as ID bands

April 2005

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