Cutting Edge 32-064: Hawk 75 pt 2




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Scott Van Aken



The second Hawk 75 sheet is strictly for French Hawk 75s. The French also used a mixture of Cyclone and Wasp powered aircraft, though most used the Wasp. The Cutting Edge Wasp engine conversion set for the Trumpeter P-40B/C are the recommended kits to use with this sheet. French aircraft were each individually painted so no two camo schemes are exactly alike. All did use the same shades and for those seeking paint, several companies make French camo paint, including Testors in their Model Master enamel line.

The most colorful of French aircraft were those which had the red and yellow Vichy stripes on the cowling and tail plane. Since these are difficult to apply by standard masking, Cutting Edge has included two sheets of masks to allow you to do a professional job of painting on these colors. A very nice thing for CE to add and one that really adds to the value of this sheet.

First up is that Vichy Hawk 75A-3 from GC I/4 at Dakar in 1942, resplendent in yellow and red.

Next is another A-3 variant from GC II/4 during 1940. The pilot of this plane, Antoine Casenobe achieved seven victories during the German Blitzkrieg.

An A-4 variant with the Cyclone engine is next from GC II/5 in North Africa during 1940 with the first style of Vichy markings; a white stripe on the fuselage.

Finally from the GC II/5, Lafayette Escadrille is this A-4 version from the 1940 time frame before the fall of France.

April 2005

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