Cutting Edge P-36 Twin Wasp conversion set






Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B/C


Scott Van Aken

New from Cutting Edge is this full conversion set to change the Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B/C into a Twin Wasp powered P-36 or Hawk 75A. This basically means that everything forward of the cockpit goes, including the windscreen and the quarter windows. A new wing center section is provided as is a Williams Brothers injected plastic engine (the rest, including the clear bits, are superbly cast in resin.

These resin bits include upper and lower cowlings, rear cowling assembly, lower center wing section, engine mount, exhaust, upper forward fuselage and side panels, area behind the cockpit for the quarter windows, exhaust shrouds, landing gear doors/covers, gun barrels and shell casing collectors.

Really quite a lot of resin and plastic. As usual, an excellent set of instructions with photos and a well written description of what needs to be done for a successful project. For decals, you have CED32061 and CED 32062 to choose from, each sheet with at least three great options.

April 2005

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