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NOTE: New Price List

One of the biggest problems for some model kits is nose weight. Either you can't find a good place to put it, or you spend a lot of time stuffing it into various nooks and crannies of your kit. There are even times when you think you have enough and end up with a tail-sitter.

Terry Dean has just come out with a series of very heavy cast weights to take care of your problems. Most of the cast weights are for Monogram kits and in many cases are such a tight fit that no gluing is needed. All sets are in 1/48 scale, though Terry is considering doing these for 1/72 as well. Here is a rundown of what is available and what the cost is per item.

Monogram P-61 - $2 - weight fits in nose. Can also be used in AMT A-20/P-70 gun noses but is a bit too heavy for it.

Monogram B-24 - $4 - weight goes between nose gear bulkhead and forward bomb bay

Monogram B-25 - $2.25 - in nose wheel well

Monogram B-26 - $2.50 - between aft cockpit bulkhead and forward bomb bay. Also fits AMT/ESCI kit.

Monogram B-29 - $6 - either side of nose wheel well. Requires some very minor kit modification.

Monogram A-26 - $3 - engine cowling

AMT A-20 - $2 - fits around nose wheel well

Monogram P-38 - $3 - fits in engine nacelles. Will also fit Academy/Minicraft kits and may fit Hasegawa kit.

Monogram P-39 - $1.75 - fits in gun bay

Monogram Do-335 - $2 - in nose ahead of nose gear

ProModeler Ta-154 - $3 - in engine nacelles

Monogram F-100D - $2 - fits above intake

Monogram F-105D - $1 - fits in nose cone

All prices include shipping, which is a real bargain nowadays.  To order write to Terry Dean, 3407 Summers Lane, Klamath Falls, OR 97603. You can also e-mail Terry at

These are really very reasonably priced and well worth the money, especially those for the large bombers.

Review items courtesy of Terry Dean. Thanks for your support.

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