Terry Dean Weights: Set Six


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Scott Van Aken


Metal and NOT for children

NOTE: New Price List

Terry Dean has come out with a huge selection of weights for us. They are custom designed to fit each kit that is mentioned and while they may fit other brands, there is no guarantee. Terry has stamped what the weights are for on each set as well as an L or R for the double sets. Some will fit without gluing, but others need superglue or epoxy to hold them in place.

The A-10A is 1/32 while the rest are 1/48. Here is what is included:

P-59, $1.75 - for the Hobbycraft kit, fits above nose well
MiG-21, $1.00 - for Academy kit, mounts in radome
F-86F, $1.25 - for Academy kit, but should fit Monogram and Hasegawa kit, behind instrument panel
A-6/EA-6, $2.25 - for Monogram/Revell kit, fits in radome
T-28, $2.00 - for Monogram kit, fits above nose gear
A-37, $1.00 - for Revell/Monogram kit, fits along side nose gear well
A-10A, $3.50 - for Trumpeter 1/32 kit, fits on left side above gun

This batch below is all 1/72 scale

Prices and kits are:

B-24 - $2.25 for the Academy/Minicraft kit,
B-25 - $1 for the Hasegawa kit,
B-29/50 - $2.50 for the Academy kits,
C-97 - $2.75 for the Academy kits,
C-121 - $2.50 for the Heller kits,
C-130 - $2 for all 1/72 kits, and
PBY - $1.75 for the Academy kits.

While some of these may fit other kits, one needs to test fit them prior to attempting to use them.

Here are links to Set 1Set 2Set 3Set 4, Set 5, Set 6, Set 7, and Set 8

July/August 2005

 These weights can be purchased direct. To order write to Terry Dean, 3407 Summers Lane, Klamath Falls, OR 97603. You can also e-mail Terry at

Review items courtesy of Terry Dean. Thanks for your support. It is much appreciated.

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