Terry Dean Weights: Set Nine


Terry Dean Weights: Set Nine


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Metal and NOT for children

Terry Dean has come out with yet another batch of weights for various kits. This batch has both new and reworked weights. he has concentrated more on 1/72 kits and especially on those where it is often difficult to find space for your standard weights.

Starting from the upper left of the image and working across then down:

1/32 Kinetic F-86: $1.75
1/48 Italeri F-86: $1.50
1/48 Classic Airframes Canberra B.2and B.6: $3.25
1/48 Arado 234 (redesigned): $2.25
1/48 Kinetic S-2: $2.50 (this set has two pieces)
1/48 R-M P-61 Black Widow: $3.00
1/48 Classic Airframes B-57B: $2.25
1/48 Tamiya F4D Skyray: $1.25
1/48 R-M Catalina (reworked): $3.75

These weights are drop fits. Some will need to be cemented in place while others will not.

Frankly, you can't get a better deal from anyone on nose weights. Contact Terry at his e-mail below and be sure to check out the other sets that he has to offer. I've used them on several occasions and can testify that they are the best around. Give them a try on your next project. You'll be very glad you did.

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May 2012

 These weights can be purchased direct. To order write to Terry Dean, 3407 Summers Lane, Klamath Falls, OR 97603. You can also e-mail Terry at NightieMission@aol.com

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