MAW detail sets


MAW 48-R003: Chaff/Flare buckets for the F-18C/D Hornet

MAW 48-R004: Late F-18C/D nose with IFF antenna

MAW  48-R005: F-14 LAU-7/A launch rails

MAW 48-R006, F-18A+ upgrade set

MAW R48-007: F-18A/C update set

MAW 48R-008: Hornet covered intakes and exhaust

MAW 1/48 CH-46F/EarlyE conversion set

 MAW 1/48 A-4B conversion set


MAW 1/48 F-14B/D Covered GE Exhaust

MAW 1/48 F-18D Late Lot Nose w IFF Antennas


MAW 1/48 Posable AN/AAS-38 FLIR

MAW 1/48 Posable AN/AAS-38(R/M)


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