Cutting Edge 32-061: P-36 Hawks pt 1




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Scott Van Aken



Here is the first of at least four new sheets for a 1/32 P-36 Hawk. You might think that there isn't a kit for this. Partly true. As of this writing, there is an outstanding conversion set from Cutting Edge that will allow you to make a Pratt & Whitney powered P-36 using the Trumpeter P-40 kit as a basis.

All three of these aircraft are in unpainted metal  and have the red, white and blue tail stripes.

First up is aircraft of the Commander of the 18th Pursuit Group based at Wheeler Field in Hawaii during 1940. It has metallic gold bands on the nose and fuselage over which red, yellow and blue stripes are placed. There are also upper wing stripes provided.

Next is a Wright Field aircraft. It has a Bronze Green anti-glare panel and red caps to the nose machine gun fairings.

The final plane is from the 46th Pursuit Squadron, 15th PG based in Hawaii on 7 December 1941. It was one of the few US planes to get off the ground that day, the pilot, Phil Rasmussen, credited with one kill.

April 2005

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