Cutting Edge 32-062: P-36 Hawks pt 2




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Scott Van Aken




The second P-36 sheet continues where the second left off. Again, the only current (April 2005) option is the excellent Cutting Edge conversion set for the Trumpeter P-40B/C. This sheet covers four aircraft, three of them in the standard unpainted metal.

First up is a kit that anyone who has built the 1/72 Monogram P-36 kit will instantly recognize. It is from the 94th PS, 1st PG at Selfridge Field in 1939. Red cowl front and usual Bronze Green anti-glare panel.

Next is the squadron commander's plane from this same unit. It has dual squadron CO's stripes on the fuselage.

The third unpainted metal aircraft is the Group Commander's plane from the 20th PG at Moffett Field in 1939. The center of the cowling is in three colors; red on the top, blue on the lower left and yellow on the lower right, making for quite a bit of color.

Added in with this sheet is one of the experimental camouflage schemes painted on 27 PS, 1 FP aircraft for the 1939 Cleveland Air Races. It is in sand, white and dark green. Cutting Edge makes a set of masks that will allow you to do duplicate this rather complex scheme.

April 2005

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