Cutting Edge 48277 & 48278:
Addendum sheets for Trumpeter P-40


$2.99 each


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Scott Van Aken

When Cutting Edge AVG sheets 48182 and 48255 were originally released, these sheets were designed for the Academy/Hobbycraft kit. Well, the unhappy fact is that the Trumpeter and Hobbycraft kit do not have the same shape in the nose. What this means is that the original sheet's sharkmouth decals won't fit.

To fix that, Cutting Edge has produced new sheets of just the sharkmouths for those who have these earlier sheets and want to use them on the Trumpeter kit. The price is nominal and those who are buying the original sheets from CE will find that these update sheets are included.

So, if you have sheet 48182, you'll need update 48277.

If you have sheet 48255, you'll need update 48278.

December 2004

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