Cutting Edge 48-182: P-40s - AVG






Scott Van Aken


Here is a nice mixture of types for the AVG modeler. You have both P-40B and P-40Es on this sheet. For kits, the earlier Tomahawk is done by Monogram and Hobbycraft. Though both have their problems, they can be done into nice models, especially if you are adept at kit bashing. For the E version, only AMtech currently does a credible E though you can also use the older kits from Otaki/Arii and from Revell if you are desperate!

First up is Erik Shilling's P-40B from the 2nd PS. It has its guns removed and a camera was mounted in the aft fuselage.

#106 is Ed Rector's plane in the last weeks of the AVG and still has the 'US Army' under the wings.

The other P-40B is John Newkirk's #34, also from the 2nd PS.

Finally, a P-40E flown by RT Smith on a ferry flight. The white on the top, number 1, and RT's initials were put on with temporary paint.

Unlike other AVG sheets, this one does not have the faded upper insignia, but does offer a selection of larger Chinese insignia should you wish to use them.

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