Cutting Edge 48-255: P-40B/C Tomahawk




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Scott Van Aken


Another tie-in with the new 1/32 sheets, this one contains markings for four planes.

First of the AVG planes is RT Smith's P-40B, white 77. It is from the 3rd PS.

Next is a winter camouflaged VVS plane from the 126 IAP. It is about as basic a military plane as you can get with only insignia and a serial number.

The USAAC P-40C is from the 78 PS/18 PG that was in Hawaii during the Pearl Harbor attack. It has the large white tactical numbers carried by many of the Army's planes during that period.

Also from the 3rd PS of the AVG, is Tom Haywood's white 94. It has a slightly different squadron badge on the side than RT Smith's.

The sheet contains the faded upper wing Chinese insignia, but like its 1/32 brother sheet, does not have the red fuselage stripe. That will have to be painted on or obtained from another source.

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