Cutting Edge 44004: NB-52B






Scott Van Aken


"Balls Eight"

The second NASA B-52 is 52-008, a NB-52B which was used a great deal more than the A model, though for quite some time, both were active and used at the same time. A B-52H is now being used, though the B model is still not yet retired to the museum! As with the previous decal sheet, this one is designed to be used in conjunction with a Cutting Edge conversion set, in this case for the NB-52B.

There are markings for the aircraft in three times during its life at Edwards. First is a bare metal with da-glo version from early 1961. Later the plane was given a coat of silver paint and that is how it still is. A rather plain 1967 version is next followed by a variant with the large NASA tail band from 2001. Several different mission markings are provided so that one can model the aircraft during any time that one wishes.

An excellent reference for this sheet is either of the two new books on the X-15; Hypersonic or X-15 Photo Scrapbook

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