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NB-52B Conversion for Minicraft kit


Scott Van Aken

This is a conversion set to make the NASA NB-52B mother ship from the Minicraft or Crown 1/144 B-52H. The kit comes with a new forward fuselage, engine pods, fin, flap with cutout, various auxiliary bits and clear parts. These clear parts are made of resin, which is new to me, but should work quite well. No pylon is provided as that item is different for every vehicle carried and will be supplied with those specific kits. No decals are provided but a sheet is or soon will be available that covers this and the NB-52A kit.

The resin parts themselves are superbly molded with no flash or air bubbles. There are the usual resin plugs that need removed, but nothing outside the norm. Instructions are excellent and provide photos to help with the conversion itself.

If you are into NASA or space, then this is something you should seek out. As with all resin aftermarket sets, the number produced is strictly limited so get it while it is still here.

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