LS 1/32 Mazda K 360

KIT #: 2091
DECALS: Several options
REVIEWER: Dick Stracey


The Mazda K360 was developed from the Mazda Mazdago of 1931 which was  simply a three wheel motorcycle truck. The K360  which was produced from 1958/9 to 1969 was more refined having an enclosed cab and a steering wheel as opposed to the Mazdago handlebar. The engine was a mid mounted air cooled V twin. It came in various styles including a van or with a canvas cover. Although there are many very useful photographs on the internet, there seems to be very little historical or technical information at least not in English.


This “curb side” LS kit must be over 30 years old although it carries no date. The dies were taken over by Arii when LS ceased production. LS made a whole series of 1/32 vehicles such as the Honda T360 (see my preview) and the Daihatsu Midget (see Scott’s Arii review). This kit differs from the Honda and Daihatsu in that it has a “pull back” clockwork motor.

The kit consists of twenty one parts in crisp white plastic, four clear parts, three rubber tyres and the “motor” which includes the metal axle. The fact that it can be made as a toy (thanks to the motor) in no way distracts  from the fact that it is a very detailed and fine model. I did wonder briefly why the load of four boxes was moulded with the body but the “motor actually fits inside the boxes from underneath. The interior is well detailed but seems to be lacking a gear shift lever. A decal is supplied for the instruments. There is a wind screen and rear window but no side door windows. That is fine as one can then admire the interior but the quarter light glass needs to be added which is no big task.

The nice looking decal sheet contains all the Mazda decals in chrome and a selection of Japanese advertising decals. The single sheet instructions are all in Japanese which is no problem and the paint colours indicated in Gunze Sangyo clours.  The K360 being a commercial vehicle can be painted in any colour that you choose but most seem to be two tone including a rather eye catching salmon pink!


I have seen these LS/Arii kits advertised on Japanese websites for Y600…..about US$7.50 or 4.70 British Pounds. In  conclusion, a very nice kit to modern standards. I will be looking out for more of them!

Dick Stracey

November 2010

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