LS 1/32 Honda T360

KIT #: 02261
PRICE: 600 yen
DECALS: At least two options
REVIEWER: Dick Stracey


The Honda T360 was the first automobile produced by the Honda company in June 1963. It was designed to the Japanese “Kei class” specifications which limited the size of the vehicle to suit the narrow Japanese rural and urban roads. It was powered by a sophisticated 356cc AK250E 4cyl. DOHC engine which would later be used in the S600 sports car. 108,920 were produced between 1963 an 1967 and came as a flat bed, side folding, pickup and panel van. I have even seen a picture of one with skis fitted to the front wheels and tracks to the rear. As a commercial vehicle in Japan the number plates would have had yellow script on a black background.


This 1/32 LS “curb side” kit must be about 30 years old although there is no date shown. LS produced a range of 1/32nd vehicles which Arii took over with the demise of LS (see Scott’s review of the Arii ’57 Daihatsu Midget). The kit consists of 24 parts in crisp light blue plastic, 4 clear parts, 4 rubber tyres and two metal axles. The detail is first rate and the interior highly detailed with decals for the instrument cluster. The only thing missing is the pedals but I suspect they can’t be seen anyway. I would be tempted to cut away the driver’s side door window  (rolled down) so that the interior can be better admired. As none of the parts are chromed I considered in investing in a sheet of “Bare Metal Foil” but on checking photographs on the internet it looks like bumper, hub caps etc. were silver painted even though the box art shows chrome. No doubt, being a commercial vehicle, one could paint it any colour one wished.

The single page instructions are all in Japanese which is no problem and the colours indicated are Gunze Sangyo. A nice decal sheet provides all the Honda decals as well as the Milk truck logo as shown on the box.


In conclusion, a very nice, highly detailed model far more detailed than most 1/32 vehicle kits. I doubt if it was available outside Japan as at the time there would not have been much interest in it.

Dick Stracey

October 2010

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