True Details  Gladiator I Cockpit Set




$9.98 ($8.97 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken


For Roden 1/48 Sea Gladiator Kit

Since there is a difference between the Gladiator I and the later Gladiator II/Sea Gladiator, it is only fitting that a separate set should be included. Now you could easily get the Sea Gladiator set and use it for few would be the wiser. However, there is a difference between the two aircraft and since the cost is the same, you may as well spring for the proper set.

I'll refer you to the review of the Sea Gladiator set for an image of 95% of the parts. What is different between these sets is the instrument panel and the fact that this set does not include the radio. As you can see from the image above, the quality of the castings is the same, which is to say, quite good. If you are going to plunk down the bucks on the Roden Gladiator, plunk down a few more on a very nice resin cockpit set. W

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