True Details  Gladiator II/Sea Gladiator Cockpit Set




$9.98 ($8.97 at Squadron)


Scott Van Aken


For the Roden 1/48 Kit

As nice as the Roden  Gladiator kits are, they can be helped by a resin cockpit. True Details has just released a pair of them and this one is for the Sea Gladiator. It consists of 27 part all cast in the standard method on longish resin runners. It is in the standard buff colored resin and well done with no perceptible air bubbles. There is quite a bit of flash on some of the parts, which isn't so surprising as some of these parts are quite thin. Some kit preparation in terms of removal of some of the molded on detail is required prior to using this set.

Parts included are side frames with various small bits to attach to it, a seat, rear bulkhead, instrument panel, a floor with the usual rudder pedals and compass pedestal as well as some replacement parts for the floor guns. There is a new rear shelf and a radio to place on it as well.

A well done set of instructions will nicely drawn construction steps is included that offers color information for all the associated bits and pieces. What is equally nice is that you won't be forking out $20 for this set as it is quite reasonably priced. A good set that will surely enhance your Roden Sea Gladiator

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