Griffon Model Type VIID full detail set






1/144 Revell kits


Scott Van Aken

Remember the last Griffon Model preview of the periscopes and guns when I said that it did not include everything in the photos? Well, this one does. It is for kit # 05009, which is the minelayer and has four large and one small etched fret. There are also all the metal bits included in the earlier set for the periscopes and mounts as well as a cast metal torpedo body.

Usual bits of wire and rod are part of it as this set has the large area aft of the conning tower where the mines were kept and deployed. Each of the hatches can be made to open and close if one wants. Other items of interest would be the full railing set for the conning tower as well as large etched sections of deck for the extreme fore. There are numerous other bits and pieces for the upper hull area and basically, if you see it in the image, it is included. This includes torpedo loading gear and a small stand if you wish not to include this option but still want to build the torpedo. I should also mention that the railings and another of the frets looks to be etched steel rather than brass. This should make it less likely to be deformed while you are installing the parts. The set also includes a brass template to help you install the aft railings

It is a most complete set and not one for the beginner. Some items will need some additional work, like cutting the rod into small sections for the bollards and wiring the hinges, that may be beyond a tyro. The five page instruction sheet is quite comprehensive and shows everything that needs done. If you have the abilities, then this set will really make your model stand out, and really, that is why these sets are produced.

February 2009

Thanks for the review set. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order it for you

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