Griffon Model metal periscope and 2cm/8.8cm cannon barrel set






1/144 Revell kits


Scott Van Aken

This is a very neat set for the 1/144 Revell Type VII Uboat that could undoubtedly be used on other 1/144 kits of this sub as well. There are five metal parts, one photo etch fret and a section of copper wire included.

The five metal parts are the 88mm cannon barrel, 20mm antiaircraft gun barrel, the base and periscope for the attack periscope and the control room periscope. The brass wire is to be wrapped around the 88mm gun barrel to hold the cap and the photo etch fret is to enhance all these various pieces as shown in the image. Please note that not all the photo etch additions shown in the illustration are included with this set. Just those items dealing directly with the guns and periscopes. The set comes with complete and well illustrated instructions.

A very nicely done set that takes care of detailing some of the most visible parts of the conning tower of this very popular submarine kit.

February 2009

Thanks for the review set. Get yours at your local shop or ask them to order it for you

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