Cutting Edge 1/32 F-4B/N Conversion set. Specific set




$34.99 MSRP


1/32  Tamiya F-4C/D


Scott Van Aken

As I mentioned in yesterday's review of the basic set, Cutting Edge has provided separate conversion bits for the kit that you are using. In this case, the set is for the F-4C/D kit by Tamiya. Included in this set are new slotted horizontal stabilizers, a set of Navy style inner Sidewinder pylons with stiffeners, a Navy style air refueling well with door and probe, a new nose gear door, tail cone, antenna, RHAW antennas for the wings, and a set of bridle attachment recesses with hooks. I'll repeat that you do need to have set CEC 32180 to use in conjunction with this one.

Like the earlier set, the instructions are very comprehensive and provide all the information you need to use this set. There are also large color photos to help you get everything just right. I know I've said it before, but Cutting Edge resin products are among the best you can get anywhere. The molding is crisp and clean with parts relatively easy to remove from the pour sections using little more than a sharp hobby knife.

If you can't fine Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

June 2007

Review set courtesy of Cutting Edge You can get yours from the link.

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