Cutting Edge 1/32 F-4B/N Conversion set. Basic Set




$84.99 MSRP


1/32  Tamiya F-4C/D or F-4J kit


Scott Van Aken

Over the years there have been several conversion sets to turn the Tamiya 1/32 F-4C/D or F-4J Phantom II into the earlier F-4B/N version. From what I've heard from modelers, all have been a major pain in the butt to do and often cases, the builder has given up in frustration over poor fit, poor instructions and poor quality resin (or all three).

Cutting Edge has finally produced a set that will allow the craftsman out there to be able to do an early Navy Phantom using either of the Tamiya big scale Phantoms. I say craftsman as this set is NOT for the casual modeler and Meteor Productions has as their first line that they'd rather have you return the set for a refund than drive yourself nuts doing this and messing up an expensive kit.

This is the basic set and requires an additional set (32185 or 32187) depending on whether you are using the F-4C/D or the F-4J kit as a basis for your conversion.

As you know, the B/N model has 'flat' upper wings, gear doors and thin main wheels. It also has a different IR sensor and fin tip from the standard. Cutting Edge provides a complete replacement upper inner wing, new flatter gear doors and speed brakes, new fin and IR fairings, new wheels, new gear wells and if you are doing the N version, the longer intake ECM fairings.

All of the resin is flawlessly produced to the highest standards (in other words, you can't get better). This makes it a delight to work with. There is a teeny amount of edge fuzz to remove from some parts and you do have some very thin 'pour stubs' that will have to be taken off and the piece gently cleaned up, but none of the usual sawing and hacking that can come from other resin sets.

Instructions are superb. This is the first one I've seen in full color and the directions are very complete, offering not only what to do, but what the differences are in certain block number airframes. The large, clear photographs are exemplary in their ability to show you just what the bits should look like when you get to that stage. In addition, the set includes a set of vents that are above the burner cans on the fuselage as a bit of a bonus.

An excellent conversion set and yes, it is not cheap, but considering the hassle you are not going to have with this set, it is well worth it.

If you can't fine Cutting Edge products at your local hobby shop, you can order direct from the link below.

June 2007

Review set courtesy of Cutting Edge You can get yours from the link.

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