Yellow Wings 48-002 TBD Devestator

Units: VT-3 & VT-6




Scott Van Aken


This is the second sheet from Yellow Wings. The premise on this sheet is similar to the previous one and provides codes for 12 aircraft, though the units covered are VT-3 from the Saratoga and VT-6 from the Enterprise. As in the previous sheet, this one provides codes for all the section leaders with the two squadrons. The decals are superbly printed and the instructions are all one could ask for to enable the modeler to build a super Devastator.

I should mention that the only kit available in 1/48 is the Monogram version, an older kit, but still quite viable. Yellow wings has a program to provide markings for other appropriate aircraft in 1/72 and 1/32 scale that include the Wildcat, Vindicator and Kingfisher. Biplanes are not to be forgotten and the F4B-4, F3F and others are in the works.

I wish Yellow Wings all the success in the world and do hope that their plans come to full fruition.

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples.

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