Yellow Wings 48-001 TBD Devestator

Units: VT-2 & VT-5




Scott Van Aken

Yellow Wings is a new decal company started by Wayne Telvin of Linden, NJ. His goal is " replicate the colorful markings of 'The Golden Age'. Using historic records, military archives and published materials on the subject."

Quite a task and one that many feel is about due. When modelers are asked what they want, one of the major areas cited is 'between the wars', or basically planes of the 20's and 30's.

The first sheet is for the TBD Devastator in 1/48. Instead of going the 'normal' route with their decals, Yellow Wings is taking a slightly different tack. They will be offering separate sheets for the code letters (this one), another sheet with wing/fuselage stripes, prop tip decals and unit badges, another sheet with the pin stripes in both black and white, and another sheet with insignia. Also scheduled is a sheet that is like the 'normal' decals with full markings for two different Devastators. Will this approach work? Well it is difficult to tell. Certainly it is something that is not the norm, but it also provides a very wide selection of aircraft. This is especially enticing to those of us who want to have something a bit different.

The sheet includes all the section leader aircraft from VT-2  aboard the Lexington and VT-5 aboard the Yorktown. These are the planes with all the neat wing/fuselage stripes and full color engine cowlings. A detailed instruction sheet accompanies each decal to show the appropriate colors to be applied for the carrier and the section. I have scanned only the VT- 5 sheet as an example. In addition, the instructions provide paint matching colors in Model Master Enamels.

Thanks to Yellow Wings for the review samples and I do look forward to having a complete set available for a build  in the near future.

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