Superscale 48-728 for A-4C Skyhawks




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Scott Van Aken



This is the second A-4C sheet from Superscale. Like the previous sheet, there are two subjects, both in the light gull grey over white scheme. There are also common markings for one aircraft and a pair of anti-glare panel decals for those of us who just can't seem to mask them properly.

The first aircraft is from VSF-1 aboard the USS Independence circa 1968. This unit is most unusual as it is not listed as a standard light attack squadron. From my understanding a VSF squadron is a fleet support squadron and VSF-1 was the only unit of its type.

The other A-4C is from the USS JFK and is from VA-95. Both of these planes are green trimmed and VA-95 has their green lizard on the fuselage spine as well as the green tail markings.

Both schemes are a change from the norm and in the case of VSF-1 you don't have to pay twice the money to get these markings in this scale as is offered from another decal maker.

Kits of the A-4C in 1/48 are available from both Hobbycraft and Hasegawa.

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