Superscale 48-727 for A-4C Skyhawks




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Scott Van Aken



Thanks to the release of the Hasegawa A-4C, Superscale has produced a pair of sheets  depicting some rather colorful aircraft. The A-4C was used in the early Vietnam war period until replaced by the more capable A-4E/F variants in the late 1960s. Those aircraft that were redundant to carrier-based units were then transferred to various utility squadrons. These utility squadrons did things like tow target banners and provide aggressors for shipboard anti-aircraft training.

Both of the aircraft on this sheet are in the high visibility scheme of light gull grey uppers with control surfaces and undersides in white. There are enough common markings to do one of the two aircraft. Kit decals can be used if you want to do both schemes. A nice touch is the inclusion of nose anti-glare panels as most of us do a pretty horrible job of painting these on!

The first aircraft is from VC-7. It has a broad red swath on the tail that you will have to paint on, but it should not be a difficult job as it is pretty straight-forward. You also get the red bolts for the drop tanks that Skyhawks nearly always carried.

The other Scooter is from VA-112 aboard the USS Ticonderoga in 1968. It was undoubtedly one of the last units to use the C model in fleet service as most had already transitioned to the E by this time. It has the nice yellow fuselage band from this unit.

Both schemes are really nice and should add a lot of interest to your A-4C. Kits of this plane are available in 1/48 from both Hobbycraft and Hasegawa.

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